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M I N I S T R Y   O F   M E D I A ,   A R T S   A N D   S O C I A L   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S        
The Articles of Transformation Series
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Visible Light Ministries

Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind!
Not a Book... But a Personal Mentor

Most people want to be successful in life.. in their relationships, career, calling... but most don't know how. The Articles of Transformation shares God's will concerning you and provides techniques and exercises needed to discover the "what" and "how" for transforming you into your greatest potential.

The Presiding Bishop, Rev. Dr. Charles Travis, has not only given our teaching series a sterling endorsement, he has committed to encouraging its use for spiritual formation throughout the Communion and has personally committed to assist in its distribution throughout the world. View his comments:  

Inspirational & Motivational Support Site:
FREE! Weekly Inspirational Insights

Stay motivated and inspired as you learn from the remarkable, transformational insights of the greatest achievers of human history. You will automatically receive an email several times each week. They will feature a famous quote followed by a commentary written by Domenic and Charlie Fusco, co-authors of The Articles of Transformation. Discover why their inspirational words are revered among those who would be wise and prosper.

Bring Light to Our World Through the Arts

Almost forty years have passed since I produced my first presentation. This book contains presentation basics that are essential for porducing an impactful video.Click on the arrow below for a few important hints when beginning to define your presentation. Steps 1 and 2 will provide a great start at crafting a powerful script and consequently a powerful film.


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